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What is PISA? 
          We are the Bishop's University Politics and International Studies Association. Though we do have a four person executive team, our group is made up of every Bishop's student that studies politics and/or international studies. Throughout the school year we will run many events and advertise opportunities that are available to students in our department. Feel free to send us an email, a facebook message or a message on Instagram if you have any questions. We are here to help you! 

Meet The Team

Sasha Kardos-Machado

Fabrice Blais-Savoie


Irmah Alao

Annika Headshot.jpg

Annika Bradley


Angus Whyte

Beatrice Morrison

Midge Cadeau



Rose de Ladurantaye

Clément Boisel

Mikael Worku

Aurélie Gélinas

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