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European Study Tour and EU Internship Program

What is the European Union Study Tour? 


Every year the Department is able to send up to two students on the European Union Study Tour and Internship program (EUSTIP). This program is run by the University of Victoria, and brings a small number of students from universities across Canada to a three week-long immersion course in the European Union. The trip includes visits to its major institutions, located in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Frankfurt, in order to learn how the EU functions.

When does the European Union Study Tour take place?

The European Union Study Tour occurs over three weeks during the month of May.

What is the EU Internship Program?

In addition to the Study Tour, the program offers a number of qualified participants internship opportunities within EU institutions and other EU-affiliated organizations following completion of the tour. Most internships are for two months but internships of longer duration may be available.


When does the EU Internship Program begin? 

Internships typically start at the beginning of June, and can last for a maximum of three months (all internships will be finished by the end of August).

How do I know if I’m eligible to participate in the European Union Study Tour? 


Students must be enrolled in a degree within the Politics and International Studies department, be in good academic standing, and have an overall average above 70%. In addition, students must have successfully completed POL231 (European Union: History, Institutions, and Policies). 


What are the costs associated with the Study Tour?


The European Union Study Tour has a $3500 CAD fee, as well as an approximately $550 CAD fee for tuition fees at the University of Victoria. The Internship Program has a $650 CAD fee associated with the internship application and placement. These fees include transportation and housing for the three week Study Tour, as well as some meals. It does not include airfare to and from Europe, nor does it include room or board for the duration of the internship. It is important to note that the internship is unpaid. 

Bishop’s does have funding opportunities for this experience, and we recommend that you apply for all that are available!


Do I get course credit for the European Union Study Tour?


Yes! Through the University of Victoria. You will receive three credits upon completion of the course, which can go towards your BU degree.


How do I apply for the European Union Study Tour? 


Students must submit a letter of application (the letter should include a statement of how the EU study tour relates to their future academic and career objectives), their CV, and a copy of their academic transcript to the professor in charge of organizing the Study Tour for Bishop’s students (typically Dr. McKeen-Edwards or Dr. Ugland). Interviews will then be conducted the following week. 


I’ve been selected for the EUSTIP… What do I do next?


Once you’ve been selected, you must begin the process of applying as a visiting student to the University of Victoria. Once that has been completed, you will enroll in the course at UVic, and fill out several applications, including a standard EU resume (if you apply for the internship option) and a general information form. Then you can start applying for work/travel visas (if applicable), finding housing (if applicable), booking flights, etc. 

There is also a reading/work component to the Study Tour; prior to May, you will be assigned various readings in order to help with your understanding of the EU and prepare you for what you will experience on the Study Tour. The Study Tour includes lectures from prominent EU citizens, government employees, and politicians, and hands-on experiences learning about the mechanics of the European Union.

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