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How to Join the PISA Team: 

Every Bishop's student enrolled in the Politics and International Studies program is a member of our PISA community. However working on the PISA team to coordinate events, run the blog, social media pages and website, and oversee our success is a bit more complicated. 

In April of each year we hold general elections for our four executive positions. These positions are: President, Vice President, Directors of Communications and Director of Events. Any returning student enrolled full time in the Politics program at BU is eligible for the PISA executive elections. All positions on PISA are voluntary and unpaid. 


These elected executives then put out open applications to hire their aides for the following academic year (usually during the summer break). Any student enrolled in Politics and International Studies at Bishop's is eligible to apply. An executive can hire as many aides as they feel they will need— but it normally around 1 or 2 aides per executive. The criteria for each aid position is left completely up to the executive hiring them, but will be made public when the applications open. Moreover, executives may reshuffle aides if an applicant seems to be a better fit for a different aid position, however the applicant will be notified and will have to accept this new position. 

The executive team can also choose to add first-year ambassadors to the team. If the team decides to do so, applications will be available in September of the academic year. 

Stay tuned on our social media accounts (@bishopspisa) for further updates!

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