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Bishop's Annual Leadership Retreat

What is the Leadership Retreat? 

The Bishop’s University Leadership Retreat is offered annually to students who demonstrate a keen interest in impacting change through various means: social movements, business ventures, for-profit or non-profit organizations, or academic extracurriculars. It is for those who have an idea of what kind of impact they want to make, but might not be sure quite yet how. It is for students who might already have a project running and want to develop their leadership skills further in order to take it to the next level. It is for someone who wants to be the change, but might need to first be inspired to be the change. At the Leadership Retreat, students are asked to come with some idea as to what they want to cultivate or how they want to make a difference, and will then have the opportunity to apply those skills towards improving campus life and/or their wider community.


What can participants expect from the leadership retreat? 

Participants will connect with other passionate peers from across campus. They will identify their individual core leadership competencies, and learn about goal-setting as well as creating a vision. Students will also meet and learn from experienced leaders from a diverse range of fields and backgrounds. In addition, participants will enhance their self-awareness and confidence in their own potential as leaders. Lastly, they will leave with a plan/project idea of how they will impact the BU community upon their return from the retreat.


Where does the leadership retreat take place? 

The leadership retreat takes place in Jouvence, Orford, at an all-inclusive getaway in a clean and rustic chalet with fantastic food (vegetarian options and restricted diets accommodated). 

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