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Model Senate 2021-2022

Are you interested in current affairs and national issues? Want to learn more about how laws are made? Curious about the roles and responsibilities of Canadian senators? Then you should apply to the Model Senate!


Applications for the virtual Model Senate on January 29, 2021, are now open!


What is the virtual Model Senate? 
The virtual Model Senate is a unique and fun opportunity to become a member of Canada’s Upper Chamber for a day. It is designed for civic-minded university and college students who are interested in learning how Parliament works and how senators do their job.  


How will the virtual Model Senate work?
This will be a half-day event, hosted fully online. Model senators are students from across Canada who get to study and debate topics they care about in a virtual committee meeting and/or a Senate sitting.


What will I get out of the virtual Model Senate?
By taking on the role of a senator, you will get a taste of the exciting and important work that senators do and learn first-hand about the Senate’s role in Parliament. You will also get to meet and learn from sitting senators and other officials who support them. 


Interested? Apply before November 29, 2020.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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