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National Model United Nations (NMUN or Model UN) 


What is NMUN? 

 Beginning in 1927 In Syracuse, New York, the NMUN is the largest and most diverse Model UN for university-level students, engaging more than 331 universities and  147 UN member states.  The NMUN allows students from around the world to combine  their academic education of international relations with hands on experience and transferable skills. 

What is the difference between POL352 & POL354?

POL352 and POL354 are two sequential courses offered for the Model United Nations at Bishops.

POL352 is offered in the fall semester as a introductive course to the UN system and the rules and diplomatic practices used in the UN. 

POL354 is a offered in the winter semester, culminating in the annual  Model UN in New York. 

Note: POL352 is a prerequisite for this course and need to be done within the same calendar year.


How am I eligible to participate in NMUN? 

In order to be an eligible participant, students must have completed POL140 and either POL241 or POL242. 


How do I apply? 

Students must submit a letter of intent, their resume, and academic transcript to the professor teaching the class. 


What can I expect if I am chosen as a team representative for Bishop’s in New York City?  

Congratulations if you are chosen as a team representative for Bishop's in New York City! You will have the opportunity to showcase your public speaking and argumentation skills that you have developed throughout the course. You will also be representing Bishop's University on an international level, so it is important to maintain a high level of professionalism and decorum at all times. You will have the chance to network with other students and professionals worldwide and gain valuable experience in international diplomacy. Overall, it will be an exciting and rewarding experience that will help you grow personally and professionally.

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