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An International Student in Bishops POL

My name is Andreia Dhooge, I am from Aruba and I am currently studying international studies at Bishop’s University. I always knew that after high school I wanted to study in North America, but I was never sure if I wanted to study in the USA or Canada, or another country. So I started researching schools in both countries. Aruba has different MoU’s

(Memorandum of Understanding) with different schools in both the United States of America and Canada. My original plan was to Major in Criminology, so I started looking for schools that offered that program. When I found Bishop’s University, I fell more and more in love with the school. I was reading all about the small classes, the tight community, and everything that they stand for. Coming from a small island, I was super intimidated by the fact that I was moving to a place that I had never been to, as I had never been to Quebec, but also, knew no one. So reading about how much of a close-knit community BU is made me feel at ease. And rightfully so, because coming to Bishop’s University was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have met some of the best, kindest and most fun people, and have made some of the greatest memories. Bishop’s really is what it stands for. Every time I went somewhere, whether it was to the library, the gym or a night out to the Gait I would meet the kindest and most outgoing people. As someone who can be a little shy, BU has helped me come out of my shell, be more social and make new friends, because you never know who you’re gonna meet. During my first semester, my goal was to major in Sociology with a minor in criminology. So how did I get to now, majoring in International Studies you may ask? In my first semester, I took one politics class, REL 200 Politics and Religion. At first, I was a bit sceptical about if I should take the class or not, as I always thought “Politics isn’t for me”. But oh was I wrong! Every time I left that class I was so fascinated by what was going on in the world. So during my second semester, I took more POL classes and loved it! I met so many kind people in the department who are so inspiring and are actively working on making our BU community a better place and I already know they will have a huge impact in the world. When I was still majoring in Sociology, I had an idea of what my goal was, why I was getting a degree, what I was working towards. Switching from Sociology to International studies made me realize exactly what I was passionate about and what goal I am currently working towards, and knowing that I have made friends who have similar goals inspires me to work hard.

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