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Being a part of the Student Representative Council

It was September 2020 when the nominations in the SRC opened for four positions. I decided to run for the General Councillor. I talked to Maia Lugar, my colleague and president for the PISA, regarding my intention to run for General Councillor. She encouraged me to run as supportive as she always is to all our colleagues. I filled the nomination form and submitted it to John Edwards, the SRC Secretary-General and Chief Returning Officer.

The evening that the nomination period was closed, he invited all the candidates to a zoom meeting. During the meeting, the candidates were instructed on the

campaign-period-rules. Three candidates were running for the General Councillor position for two positions to be filled. The campaigns had to be done virtually due to the pandemic. Each candidate had the chance to introduce themselves and talk about their platform in a video clip aimed to be circulated on the SRC social media. After the voting period closed, I won the elections with the second highest votes for the GC position.

The BSR retreat was when I first met the members of the SRC. The BSR retreat happened for two full weekend days in September. Those two days were two of the most pleasant days of the fall. Nevertheless, members of the BSR were all present passionately. I was motivated to find myself amongst the passionate SRC members, all committed to serving the best interests of the students.

As a General Councillor, I am a voting member of the BSR. BSR voting members have the power to approve or dismiss propositions presented in the BSR meetings with the best interests of the students in mind.

As part of my role, I am sitting on the Gaiters' Grant Committee (GGC). The BSR extra (previously known as clubs) who need funds to run their events applies for the GCC funding. Then, the GCC will study the applications received, interview the applicants and share its recommendations to the BSR members in the BSR meeting to approve or dismiss the proposition to grant the fund.

Since my first day at the SRC, I have observed much commitment and dedication from my colleagues. The executive, representatives, senators, and everyone involved are devoting much of their time and energy to the betterment of the student experience at our BU community. It may not look like much work if we are an outside observer; however, behind the scenes, it's about many meetings, projects, tasks to be done and so on. Being a full-time student committed to excel in your studies besides committed to serving in the BSR requires devotion of much energy and time that my colleagues have.

We, as the people behind the SRC, are committed to being as transparent, as reachable and as open to the ideas of our fellow students as possible. I remember my first day being with the BSR members, and the first issue we discussed was what did we know and hear about the SRC before joining it. The question was raised by the SRC president, Enzo Evangelisti, to find the issues about the SRC, so we can do our best to connect with students, to raise awareness about the SRC, and to let as much information accessible as possible. As part of that end, our biweekly BSR meetings are always open to participate via zoom; the agenda, the date and time are always shared via the SRC social media.

I am so proud to be a part of the SRC team this year. I am proud of all the accomplishments that the SRC has had, however, humble my contribution has been.

I always encourage our students to be involved and raise their voices if they observe issues or some work to be done. It is now that we learn how to be active and responsible citizens. It is here at the university where we learn how to bring positive changes in our society, communities and the world when we graduate from our beloved BU. It is here that we learn how to live our lives to their fullest.

Looking ahead to the future, I believe that future gaiters will have the best university experience with the betterment that we will work towards; being that said, it is no doubt that our experience is as good because of all works that have been done in the past.

Lastly, always feel free to contact me or any BSR member regarding any issue at BU. All opinions are welcome, worthy, and confidential.

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