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Call for Aides/ Job Descriptions

We are excited to announce that PISA is recruiting aides and assistants for the 2021-2022 school year. Aides and assistants are important members of the PISA team that help the Executive do their jobs. It is a great way to get to know PISA students as well as enhance relationships around the campus and with professors in our department. Being an aide is also a good first step to become an Executive in following years. All of our current PISA Executives started as aides last year! We encourage students from all years to apply for these positions, as we need diverse opinions and viewpoints in order to run our association effectively.

***Note that you can apply for as many positions as you wish, but you need to submit a unique letter of intent for each position.

To apply, submit a CV/Resume and a letter of intent (1 page maximum) to Your letter of intent should include; your Bishop’s email, why you want to be in PISA, why you are qualified for the position, what you wish to accomplish in PISA this school year and anything else you wish to include. The deadline to submit this is May 17th 2021. There will be a second round of interviews after the 17th. These will take place on Microsoft Teams and will be administered by at least two members of the executive. After these video interviews the aides and assistants will be selected. Feel free to email us or message our social media if you have any further questions.

Below are the criteria for each specific position.

President’s Aide:

  • Basic knowledge of spreadsheets;

  • Teams, Microsoft office (Teams), and social media;

  • Must work well in a collaborative team environment;

  • Good organizational and time management skills;

  • Must be dedicated to attending PISA meetings and events;

  • Liaise with students and professors within the department (potentially speaking in front of classes in order to publicize events);

  • Ability to help ensure that all events are welcoming, inclusive, and aimed at encouraging participation from all students within the department;

  • Aide in the conceptualizing and planning of events;

  • French speaking and writing skills are an asset but not required.

VP Aide:

  • Warm personality with strong communication skills;

  • Help distribute and organize PISA Merch;

  • Basic knowledge of Excel and able to help with paperwork (ex. SRC funding form);

  • Good organizational and time management skills;

  • Thrives in a team setting and has a great work ethic

Communications Aide:

  • Two available positions

  • Basic knowledge of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Good work ethic, able to complete tasks assigned to them in a timely manner

  • Need to have access to a computer and a smartphone in order to complete assigned tasks

  • Strong english writing skills in order to write weekly blog posts and social media captions.

  • Must be dedicated to attending PISA meetings and events

  • Basic knowledge of Canva is strongly encouraged but can be taught.

  • Basic knowledge of Wix is an asset but can be taught.

  • Bilingualism is an asset

  • Must work well in a team environment.

Events Aide:

  • Two available positions

  • Professionalism and maturity, especially working with BIPOC and indigenous people, maintaining respect for cultures/traditions absolutely necessary

  • Ability to communicate effectively and politely through email

  • Strong collaborative skills

  • Bilingualism is an asset

  • Confidence in research skills, in order to find speakers and help plan events

  • Creativity and passion for the role

  • Detail-oriented and organized

  • Must be reachable and willing to respond quickly, reliable and prompt

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