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Meet Your 2021-2022 PISA Director of Events!

Hey Gaiters! My name is Grace and I'm an incoming fourth-year student taking an Honours in International Studies. I did a brief stint in the Modern Languages program, and have since been trying to pick up a minor in German. Additionally, this allowed me to do an exchange program in Tokyo, Japan, in my second year and was totally amazing! I'm a fierce advocate of Bishop's study abroad program, so it's one thing you can always come ask me questions about.

I call Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia home, but learned French in my early years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since then I've moved around Canada a bunch but settled in Sydney Crosby's hometown for most of my later years. I developed an affinity for History class after years of hating the subject, but wanted to pursue a career in translation until I took Introduction to International Relations with Professor McKeen-Edwards in my freshman year. I may be pursuing a degree in environmental law later in my career.

I have big plans for PISA's events this year (fingers crossed for in-person!). For one, I want to showcase the work and achievements of our Indigenous and BIPOC Alumni by allowing them the space to talk about their lives since, and during their time at BU. Next, I want to organize a forum for early-year and later-year students to discuss their programs, theories, classes and experiences in a more casual setting. Alongside all of our super fun trivia and bar nights, I think we're going to have a great year!

If I'm not studying or reading, you can find me tending to my indoor garden, baking French classics, or perfecting my brewing (coffee) technique! If you're ever in need of a cup, my door is always open, and I have way too many bags of the stuff for myself anyway ;)

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