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Podcast Recommendations

Grace McArthur - Director of Events

Hosted by Jesse Brown and friends, Canadaland is a witty, well-spoken and daringly opinionated look at modern conflict and Canadian issues. For your weekly updates on everything going on in our country, this is the podcast for you. From reconciliation to the Vancouver housing crisis, Jesse and his guests dive deep into the story with honesty at its core. You'll never be left feeling confused or out of the loop after an episode of Canadaland, and you can be sure you've heard both sides of the story - every time.

Katherine Hackett - Director of Communications

The Secret Life of Canada is a CBC history podcast hosted by Falen Johnson and Leah Simone Bowen. As they state often in this podcast, it is about the country you know, and the stories you don’t. If you are a history junkie or someone who wants to know the untold history of Canada and the stories that Canadians did not learn in their history classes, this podcast is perfect for you. This podcast discusses much of Canadians untold history from the Indian Act to BlackFace. This podcast is incredibly informative, easy to follow, and will change your understanding of Canada and its history.

Liam O'Toole - President Aide

Have you ever wanted to dabble in philosophy, but felt the language used is too technical or confusing? Stephen West, host of “Philosophize This!”, introduces listeners to philosophers and their ideas about the nature of the universe using digestible, beginner-friendly language. He does an amazing job at introducing philosophy to newcomers in a manner that isn’t intimidating, nor does it compromise the complexity of the subject matter. All the while, West manages to present graduate-level material in an entertaining way. New half-hour episodes are published through Spotify and Apple Music monthly, and I highly recommend that you listen to them in chronological order.

Linnie McGuire - President Aide

Futility Closet is a weekly podcast dedicated to uncovering ‘forgotten stories from the pages of history,’ and for what it’s worth I’ve never met someone who didn’t enjoy listening to it. Each episode sheds light on a different strange and remarkable event that has nearly been lost to time, with episodes spanning large swaths of history and geography. Episodes also include listener mail, which adds further commentary on subjects brought up in previous episodes, and a lateral thinking puzzle at the end.

Some of my favourite episodes include:

Episode 136: The Boston Molasses Disaster Two million gallons of molasses flood Boston’s North End, killing 21 people

Episode 233: Flight to Freedom Two families attempt to escape East Germany via homemade hot air balloon

Episode 286: If Day Winnipeg stages a Nazi invasion to raise money for the war effort

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