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Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference Reflections

Hey PISA community! Last weekend the fourth annual Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference was held. This conference was organized by our very own Dr. Martin-Brûlé, two PISA students, Lily Schricker and Matthew Rainsford, and one PISA alumnus Junru Bian. We are also proud that a total of four current Bishop’s PISA students participated in the conference and lent their voices and research to the discussions that took place. Below are some testimonies written by the students that participated this year. If you have any questions on the Conference feel free to reference our previous blog post “Information on the Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference” written by Matthew Rainsford.

Andi Jacobs: There are a number of reasons I would recommend participating in the Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference. First off, I had the opportunity to conduct research on a topic that was of particular interest. My paper explored geopolitical decline within international institutions and the ramifications of this phenomenon on coordinating international responses to refugee crises. This research provided foundational knowledge, which I am confident will better equip me for future graduate studies. Secondly, being a participant meant I was able to present my findings in front of an audience (virtually) and have my work reviewed and critiqued by an expert in the field. Both of which are invaluable experiences, especially for undergraduate students hoping to establish themselves as future scholars.

Shelby Page: The QUSC provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to prepare for the challenges of grad school. The conference provides an opportunity for students to practise organizing ideas and arguments into a paper. I find it can be difficult to formulate focused research questions to anchor from while navigating through a large amount of information. This is why creating a well-written paper takes practice. Students also present a summary of their research to academics and practitioners. The invaluable feedback provided by these professionals and participating in the conference have been excellent ways to ready myself for academic endeavours after graduation.

Corinne Dory: My name is Corinne Dory, I am an honours student in international studies with a minor in political studies and a minor in Spanish at Bishop’s University. I was lucky enough to be able to participate twice at the QUSC during my time at Bishop’s. My topic for this year was on the consequences of BREXIT on the international face of the European Union and of the United Kingdom. I believe that the QUSC really helped me increase my skills in public speaking, in research and redaction and gave me the opportunity to enlarge my network of experts in the areas that I am interested in. I strongly recommend anyone who might be interested to jump in and take this amazing opportunity.

Thomas Llopiz: I had the opportunity to participate in the Quebec Undergraduate Security Conference by presenting my article on China's interferences. This conference allowed me to bring my knowledge on the subject and have relevant feedback on my paper. Besides, the different panels bring together complementary academic papers from other universities. Attending this conference is a unique experience to learn from your peers. I would advise any political student with a strong interest in a subject to participate in this conference, especially for students aiming to pursue their studies with a master's degree.

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