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Student Spotlight: Zachary Griffiths-Julien

1. What program are you studying at BU/what year?

I am currently entering my fourth year with an Honours in International Studies and a Minor in Political Science.

2. Why did you choose your honour/major/minor?

For years now I have had a passion for international security and defense related issues and the Honours program in International Studies, as well as the Minor in Political Science, was a clear stepping-stone into more complicated and intricate subject matters such as Peacekeeping, diplomatic relations, and security intelligence.

3. What are you involved with at Bishop’s?

You can find me involved in the numerous PISA events organized throughout the year, as well as working under the guidance of Dr. Martin-Brûlé as a Research Assistant on various projects.

4. What are you involved with outside of BU?

Outside of Bishop’s, I am an Army Reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as a Substitute Teacher at a local High School.

5. Why did you join the military, and how has that help you understand Politics and International Studies?

I joined the military because I felt drawn to serving my country and follow in the footsteps of both my father and uncle. My military service has provided me with the opportunity to deploy overseas, putting into perspective everything we learn in the classroom about the intricacies of peace building and conflict prevention.

6. What are your hobbies outside of the academic and professional realm?

Physical fitness is an important part of my school/life balance, as well participating in team/individual sports like running, snowboarding and curling.

7. What are your future goals? Work/school plans?

I hope to continue serving in the military, travel the world and learn new languages. Regarding school, I will be applying in the winter to various Graduate programs throughout Canada.

8. Favorite class you’ve taken at Bishop’s University?

I would have to say that my favourite class to date is a tie between the Model United Nations Practicum, and the Honours Seminar on Peacekeeping. The latter provided me with excellent opportunities to perfect my public speaking skills, diplomacy, and elaborated on the key notions of the peacekeeping process and the United Nations.

9. Best ways to succeed in Politics/international studies at Bishop’s

Events organized by PISA and the Department are great ways to meet new friends with the same interests as you, and don’t be afraid to approach the upper year students if you have any questions. We have all been in your shoes and lived the same experiences you’re about to live, whether it be inside or outside the classroom. Odds are we know a trick or two that may help you!

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