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The Process of Getting A Paper Published

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Rainsford and in this blog post I will discuss the process that I went through to get a paper published. John-James Blachette & I were recently published in the Undergraduate Journal of Politics, Policy and Society (UJPPS) for our research on how the COVID-19 pandemics has affected elections & the electability of political candidates. UJPPS is an undergraduate journal based in Ottawa that seeks to publish exemplary academic work at the undergraduate level from students across the globe. UJPPS annually publishes articles from the arts, social sciences and humanities, in both english and french.

Getting work published is a multi-step progress that tends to take a few months from start-production. Firstly, we picked our topic, and divided the work between each other. We spent a couple weeks writing and organizing the paper, before we submitted it. Eventually, we received news that the journal was interested in publishing our paper, which moved us onto the reviewing process. The editors would provide feedback on the substance of the paper (flawed arguments, run on sentences, clarity) which we would use to ensure that the paper meets the standards of the journal. The paper went through two review stages before moving onto copyediting. In the copyediting stage, our editor would pass through the entire paper and make small edits herself to things like spacing, capitalization, indentation and less so the substance of the paper. This was the fastest of the publishing stages, taking only about a day. Once the copyediting stage was complete, the journal accepted the final draft of our paper, and we waited a couple more months until it was eventually published in February 2021.

Getting work published is a challenging experience that is absolutely worth it. It pushes your academic abilities, while also being a huge growth experience. The feedback gained from my editors was absolutely impactful in my academic writing skills. We want to thank our peers for their support in this endeavor.

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