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The Nicholas Bachand Canadian Civil Scholarship

What is the Nicholas Bachand Canadian Civil Society Internship/ POL353?

The Nicholas Bachand Canadian Civil Society Internship is intended to provide a practical work-experience related to the Political Studies program. The internship aims at enabling students to contribute to the well-being of Canadian society by participating in voluntary and non-profit non-governmental organizations. Since its inception, the Bachand intern has worked with the Townshippers’ Association, a non-profit organization in the Eastern Townships during the school year. Two current students will produce radio news segments for The QUBE 88.9 FM (CJMQ Community Radio Station) in Lennoxville, Qc. 


How am I eligible to apply? 

Students must be in good academic standing (70% GPA). They must have completed or be enrolled in POL 112 (Introduction to Canadian Politics). While priority is given to students enrolled in politics, international studies, and international political economy programs, all students are welcome to apply. Applicants must be available to work approximately 100 hours over the term. 


How can I apply? 

Applicants must submit their CV, a cover letter, and their academic transcript. 


How is the course formatted? 

With the approval of the Department of Politics and International Studies, a Faculty member of the Department supervises the internship, sponsored by the CJMQ Community Radio Station in Lennoxville. Under the guidance of the manager of the radio station, the student will be called to prepare and broadcast comments on current Canadian political news and events. On completion of the internship, the student will submit an 10 page essay on a topic arising out of the internship experience. The student will also prepare an online journalism portfolio and a public talk (presentation) based on their essay and work experience.


How is this course evaluated? 

The intern’s experience, essay, portfolio, and lecture will be graded, and the marking scheme is as follows: Participation 30%, essay 30%, public talk (presentation) 20%, and portfolio 20%. 


Does completing this internship give me credits towards my degree?

Yes, each intern receives 3 course credits (POL 353). In addition, they are granted a $750 honorarium.


How can I acquire more information on this? 

Contact the faculty member that is in charge of supervising this internship.

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