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Professors in Conversation: 

In our program, we are lucky to have brilliant Professors. These events are opportunities to hear from our teachers in a more casual way. Professors in Conversation events include two BU Profs having an informal chat about topics that they are interested in and are currently relevant to the student population. 

Click here to watch an example of these entertaining and educational events.

Student Voice Night


Student Voice Night consists of a series of guest student speakers from Bishop’s University. This semester this event focused on Canadian and Provincial issues, which will facilitate students to share their perspectives on the most important political issues within our country. This event encourages discussion within the student body at BU while feeling comfortable to express themselves in a very relaxed and accepting environment.

Alumni Grad Luncheon


Our strong Bishop’s alumni network, especially in the Politics department, are great resources for current students to receive advice and hear about real world experiences. We are planning for graduates who are in several different fields and post- grad programs to come and give a talk to students about their vide variety of paths. 



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