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All About The Stadelman Fellowship!

Hello everyone! My name is Rhiannon Day, your current events aide for PISA, and I have recently been given the opportunity to be this semester’s Stadelman Intern!

The Stadelman Fellowship is made possible by a generous alumna who is interested in financing an internship program to support students. It is first and foremost designed for first and second years to have the opportunity to promote student success at Bishop’s, and foster a campus community of opportunities. The intern that is chosen is then mentored by Dr. Jessica Ridell and Ms. Katie Bibbs in order to oversee the project or initiative chosen. The work the intern takes on is determined and constructed through the guidance and collaboration by the mentors and the intern themself; this is in order to attract interns who look to lead their own project and define what student success means to them.

As a result, this project has taken different shapes for the several years it has been offered. Past projects have involved those such as an environmental scan of the opportunities available to students on campus, the creation of a preliminary “opportunity map”, and an initiative of producing video and social media content to guide students in their new online-learning environments. As you can see, these projects are flexible in what they produce, but are all under the overarching umbrella of promoting success through opportunities, publications, and more, all for Bishop’s students.

The project that I will be taking on as this semester’s Fellow will be to cultivate an overview of all awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries available to students, both internally at Bishop’s and externally. These include those such as the Bishop’s scholarships, SRC awards, 3M scholarship, and more. In time, this initiative will take the form of a publication in order to provide this integral information to students. This is one piece of the ultimate goal to provide a detailed and extensive “map” of all opportunities available on campus that was initially proposed by a previous intern. I am incredibly excited to be taking on this project, and am looking forward to being able to provide for the school and students that have already given me so much.

Overall, this fellowship is all about fostering leadership and empowering first and second year students and in order to foster success for themselves and their peers. As an incredible opportunity, I would recommend applying for this internship to any and all students that wish to leave a positive impact on our campus!



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