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Meet Your 2021-2022 PISA Director of Communications!

Hi all, my name is Katherine Hackett and I am so exited to be this year’s PISA Director Communications. I am in my third year completing an honour in Political Studies and a minor in international studies.

I was born in Gatineau, but have spent most of my life in the Eastern Townships. I always heard about Bishop’s and how amazing it was! My older cousin and sister went to Bishop’s so I knew I had to continue the family tradition. Bishop’s is a university unlike any other, there are so many opportunities at Bishop’s whether it’s club, internships, outdoor activities, and many others.

I arrived at Bishop’s in winter semester of 2019. Arriving in the middle of the school year, many clubs had already been formed. I was able, however, to really get involved with the Student Refugee Sponsorship Program (SRP) at Bishop’s and Champlain. For the school year of 2019–2020, I was able to get involved even more. I continued to help with the SRP, and also joined the Jeux de la Science Politiques (JDSP) (which is happening during 2021–2022 school year—I am so excited). In the summer of 2020, I was able to do the Estrie-Preneur Internship Program with Bishop's University and Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre. In the school year of 2020–2021, JDSP was cancelled due to COVID-19, but I still continued to play a role in the SRP, and became the Vice-President Aid of PISA. I was also able to complete a full-year internship with the Communications office at Bishop's. At BU it’s so easy to get involved in various clubs and internships, all you have to do is ask!

As PISA 2021–2022 Director of Communications, I really hope to continue growing our various social media platforms. I also want to create a Student Spotlight where we will demonstrate how diverse and amazing students in Politics, and International studies are. Moreover, most students are not really sure what they want to do later in life. That is why I am also planning on doing an Alumni Spotlight on our blog where we will have a PISA alumni write about their education, and career path after Bishop’s University.

I am so exited for this year! If you have any questions about JDSP, PISA, various internship opportunities or want to write a blog for PISA please feel free to write to me on Instagram out email! Looking forward to seeing you all on campus if you want to talk don’t be shy!

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